Why choose NBC Law LLC

Understanding that clients have many available choices for attorneys, we seek to distinguish the firm by maintaining the highest quality of representation and expertise, combined with 24/7 responsiveness. We also keep a vigilant eye on the bottom line to contain the spiraling cost of legal services.


NBC is dedicated to understanding a client’s business, concerns, and goals before suggesting any course of action. NBC practices in the core areas of General Corporate, Finance and Private Equity, Mergers and Acquisitions, Healthcare, Real Estate, and Litigation, and in a wide range of industries, including energy, long-term care, assisted living and ancillary services (hospice, home health, mobile diagnostics, lab), outdoor media and advertising, financial services, domestic and international government contracting, securities, transportation, telecommunications, manufacturing, software and technology, retail, leasing, commercial and residential real estate and development, hospitality, and brewing. We also provide outside general counsel services to several prominent companies in the long-term care, hospice, home health, mobile diagnostic, renewable energy, government contracting, manufacturing, IT, advertising, and brewing sectors. Our approach is to understand our clients’ businesses and know their industries so that legal advice is not dispensed in a vacuum.


NBC regularly teams up with selected specialists from other firms who are highly experienced in a particular area with a proven track record.